Today, our new music spotlight is on Pizzagirl.

Location: Liverpool

Line-up: Liam Brown – everything

About: Not a girl, nor having any affiliations with Pizza, his music ranges from quirky, ironic, 80s informercial-esque pop to darker and more introspective, European influenced electronica.

It’s a small operation. With the help of a thrown together flatpack mini studio, Pizzagirl writes, records and produces all of his music and visuals from the comfort of his home. His best mate shoots his videos and his mum takes his press shots.

Standing solo on stage, accompanied only by his trusty laptop, Pizzagirl displays the lonesome idiosyncrasies of an introvert married with the larger than life extroverted nature implied by his eccentric, zany and often pensive pop tunes.

What Hidden Herd say:Coffee Shop‘ erupts with an instant taste of the 80’s, continuing the artists’ penchant for nostalgia with a modern twist. This keeps Pizzagirl instantly-recognisable and undeniably familiar.

For fans of: Thandii, Laura Mvula

Next show: April 12th – YORK, The Fulford Arms (with Her’s)


Latest track:Coffee Shop