Today, our new music spotlight is on props.

Location: London

Line-up: Mark (vocals/guitar/production/drums/trumpet/keys)

About: Born out of a childhood obsession with making noise from anything he could get his hands on, props fuses homemade synth sounds with DIY drum samples and sociopolitical half-raps to create joyful bedroom jams. 

What Hidden Herd say: The resurgence of low-fi melancholic bedroom rap has hit the UK hard in recent months, marking a healthy appetite for some new artists to take the spotlight. On ‘House on Fire’, props delivers a refreshingly dynamic track, flittering between quiter, more intimate moments and instrumental crescendos, marking him apart from many of the more refrained acts out there.

For fans of: Superorganism, Gorillaz

Next shows:‪ coming autumn 2019…


Latest track: ‘House on Fire’