After impressing us last year with the chilling ‘Better Man’, Rosie Carney has returned promptly in 2017 with the captivating ‘Awake Me’. A simplistic string spine holds this gentle track together as our narrator’s dulcet tones serenade us throughout its four minute run length. An emotional, hushed crescendo of stylish vocal acrobatics play out perfectly in time with the slight echo of occasional guitar picks.

At 19, Rosie has already experienced the unfortunate side of major labels and is now releasing independently through label X Novo, allowing her to fully express herself artistically. This freedom is evident in the poetic lyricism of her latest cut. The talented songstress has already mastered a sophisticated style that could be likened to contemporaries such as Ry X and Billie Marten while there is also a comparative quality to prolific songwriters like Joni Mitchell. With a vivid imagination and an ability to add a confessional quality to her music, Rosie Carney has positioned herself well to enjoy what is assured to be an exciting 2017.