Today’s new music spotlight is on Sad Boys Club

Location: London

Line-up: Jacob Wheldon (Vocals), Tom MacColl (Drums), Pedro Caetano Leite (Bass / Producer), Jake Chatterton (Guitar), Chris Holmes (Guitar)

About: London’s latest breakthrough indie-pop band, Sad Boys Club, released their latest track, ‘Mirror & Me‘ on 21st June. ‘Mirror & Me’ deals with body-image anxiety and is an angry and deeply personal, yet sometimes humorous, expression of the difficulties faced by lead singer, Jacob Wheldon, in the past.

“‘Mirror & Me’ expresses the difficulties I’ve had with issues surrounding my body image.” explains Jacob. “Image is such a massive part of the way we communicate but it has the capacity to cripple you; it’s not something we (particularly men) talk about an awful lot, despite the positive developments in the conversations around mental health.”

What Hidden Herd say: On ‘Mirror and Me’ Sad Boys Club deliver a swelling, captivating ballad that guides listeners through the waving ebbs and flows of the modern man’s battles with mental health. Tastes of their emo-undertons are ever present, albeit with a healthy bite and grit that gives the track a dynamism which will have you coming back time and time again.

For fans of:
The Cure, Interpol

Next shows:‪ 

Saturday 27 July – TRUCK Festival

Saturday 27 July – Cambridge @ The Junction (supporting Bombay Bicycle Club)


Latest track:
Mirror and Me