Sea Pinks‘ latest release ‘Watercourse‘ is a jangly coastal dream. Every element of the track gently dusts listeners with a sheen of hazy sea-spray, transporting anyone willing to warmer climes at a moments’ notice. Whilst quite modest in it’s layering, the overall sound aspires to something far more comprehensive, with their melancholy, cheery vibes reaching out to give listeners a comforting rub on the back.

As the title track to their upcoming sixth album, Sea Pinks are no newcomers, yet their sound and style has progressed eloquently through their journey. Describing their latest album with a notable sense of ‘homecoming’, their trademark, beach-ready style is easy to notice, yet this is juxtaposed by more punk-inspired influences on side two.

Their latest LP Watercourse is released on the 26th May via CF Records.