Today, our new music spotlight is on SeiSui.

Location: Derby

Line-up: Peter Darrington (instruments, vocals), Sarah Lay (words/vocals/field recordings)

About: When you run your own record label, which two-thirds of the performers on this track do, it would almost be rude not to put something out yourselves. SeiSui is the sound of Reckless, Yes’ Pete Darrington and Sarah Lay saying to the world, “Well, we obviously love all the bands we’ve signed and released records for – but it’s our label and we want a go now”. And it’s no mean effort. It helps to have the bassist from 90s alt-rock favourites Cable and Hudson Super 6 in tow, who clearly knows his way around an axe. On this, ‘Long Road Home’, their latest release under the SeiSui moniker, they’ve roped in the haunting vocals of Hannah Smith of Dactylion from their stable of artists. Swampy guitar glues this minimalist song together, with the double-tracked harmonic vocals drifting over the top. It’s a slow, drone-rock affair that might soundtrack a scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 2 if there were ever such a thing. Maybe an indie remake, Fear and Loathing in Derby. Nothing to loathe about this though.

What Hidden Herd say: What happens when you cross a member of Cable, a rock writer and the singer from Dactylion? Something akin to The Dandy Warhols fronted by Rachel Goswell it would seem.

For fans of: Slowdive, The Dandy Warhols, Dactylion

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Latest track: ‘Long Road Home’