Today, our new music spotlight is on STIIR

Location: North London

Line-up: Ruben Watts (vocals/guitar), Benny Burcke (vocals/guitar), Saul Peleg (bass) and Prem Rupawala (drums).

About: Channelling influences as varied as The Beach Boys, Al Green and Steve Lacy, North London alt-pop collective STIIR blend jazz and soul influences with infectious pop songwriting and shimmering instrumentals.

Featuring glistening melodies and incurably infectious vocals, their debut single ‘Free Yourself’ is a musing on “the inevitable expiration of a relationship”. Exploring themes of self-reflection and individuality, the lyrical introspection is accompanied by funk-infused guitars and upbeat rhythms that combine to create an unquestionably feel-good summer anthem.

What Hidden Herd say: With an opening that has us reminiscent of Kevin Parker’s early Impala years, ‘Free Yourself’ graciously follows through a delicate mix of phased guitars over soothing vocal melodies

For fans of: Tame Impala, Masasolo


Latest track: ‘Free Yourself’