Today, our new music spotlight is on Strong Asian Mothers

Location: London

Line-up: Kalim Patel (vocals/synths) Amer Chadha Patel (synths/vocals) Josh Stadlen (drums)

About: London based trio Strong Asian Mothers have just released their new single ‘All I Do’. Showing off a darker side to their pop/hip-hop hybrid, the new track is a whirlwind journey of stuttering percussion, brass stabs, eerie sustained synth chords and ever-increasing energy. Maintaining their all important, healthy dose of fun and lightheartedness – ‘All I Do’ is marked step forward for the band – perhaps their most emphatic and daring release to date.

Lyrically the track starts off as if it were a boozy ode to intoxication with the “All I do is drink / all I do is drink” refrain. But when the rest of the line is revealed – “tap water from the kitchen sink” – it turns it into something more playful and more surreal. From that point on the lyrics appear to be a flow of ideas from the subconscious, all stemming from that opening line.

What Hidden Herd say: On ‘All I Do’, the London trio return with their usual charm – darting through different genres whilst retaining an earworm listenability. On this one, they explore respectful nods to Kendrick Lamar.

For fans of: Kendrick Lamar


Latest track: ‘All I Do’