Today, our new music spotlight is on Sub Blue.

Location: Liverpool, UK

Line-up: n/a

About: There is an assumption that kids in the suburbs have it easy, that money solves everything. But this is far from the truth. Suburban life brings its own challenges, from ‘absent’ parents and lack of guidance to the suffocation of monotony and, perhaps most damaging to the young, the peer and societal pressure that comes with a more middle class upbringing. This is the essence of Sub Blue’s music – that juxtaposition of perception versus reality.

What Hidden Herd say: Seductively smooth and incredibly poignant, ‘Teen No More‘ is a modern-day anthem for those in the throes of late adolescence. Sub Blue does well to push RnB further into the future with a mixture of meticulous production and sincere lyrics.

For fans of: Drake

Next show: April 11th – Omeara, London


Latest track:Teen No More