Today’s new music spotlight is on Swimming Girls.

Location: Bristol

Line-up: Vanessa Gimenez (vocals/bass), Robert Primrose (keys/vocals), Jay Bell (guitar) and Max Blunos (drums/vocals)

About: Swimming Girls formed as part of a “musical project” whilst they were all studying separately in Bath – put together entirely randomly and asked to, quite simply, “write a song”. Finding common ground with a group fixation on the warmth and nostalgia of 70s and 80s pop culture, the band’s inspiration all comes from the same sources – The Cure, Cyndi Lauper, Culture Club alongside cult films like ‘Heathers’ and the timeless work of David Lynch.

What Hidden Herd say: Swimming Girls drop shimmering, sun-flecked anthems like they’re going out of fashion. Brand new single ‘Asking For It’ is a case in point, with swirling six-string and hazy 80s vibes that feel like they were ready-made for heatwaves and heartbreak.

For fans of: Pale Waves, Fickle Friends, FOURS

Next shows:‪ n/a


Latest track: ‘Asking For It’