Today, our new music spotlight is on SWYM

Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

Line-up: Nassif Younes (Songwriter/Vocals/Multi-instrumentalist) and joining Nassif for the live shows Isaac Barnes (Bass-Guitar/Backing Vocals) Innes Cardo (Keys/Guitar) and Kit Purnell (Drums/ Backing Vocals)

About: Initially wanting to learn rock songs on guitar, Younes soon became intrigued by the idea of producing and being in studio, later on forming what we now know as SWYM. With influences such as Tame Impala, Radiohead and The Flaming Lips behind the band, it’s no wonder they are able to create the immersive, hazy yet perplexing sound they are known for today. Although probably best comparable to dreamy, psych-rock bands of late such as Beach House or Grizzly Bear with possible hints of Deerhunter blended into the cohesive, serene and uniquely crafted sound that is SWYM.

What Hidden Herd say: SWYM‘s latest track melts melodic vocals with soaring instrumentals, pulling in psychedelic teasings to create a captivating, dynamic opus.

For fans of: Twilight Driving, Phantom Isle


Latest track: ‘I Hate You Because’