Sick‘s initial impression could be mistaken for something timid and refrained, that’s before the sincere, unapologetic vocals come through bringing the track’s mistaken undertone to something far more serious and resonant. Syrra are true children of the digital age, split between London and Portugal (by way of Sweden and Berlin, respectively), but this does not provide a barrier to letting them explore their creativity and hone their sound.

On ‘Sick‘, they mix styles of euphoric synths and the more disparate sides of electro-pop, keeping the track fresh and unpredictable in its approach. Exploring issues of mental health within it’s joyfully deceiving sound, singer Aneta’s tender voice comes across assured and strong, perfectly coupled with producer Sinah’s pulsing soundstage. Following ‘I Can Be Mean‘ (released August 2017), the couple show increasing momentum with their second, strong release.