Today, our new music spotlight is on Timsters

Location: France

Line-up: Julien Vignon (all instruments and production)

About:I Need to Know“, the latest extract from Timsters’ debut EP, feels like the first rays of the summer sun, those that give a new hope by dispersing the haze and the dull hours. The track owes its lightness to adroit arrangements that could be described as zeppelins flying over mountains of doubt or the giants alluded to in the lyrics.

Timsters’ taste for pop songwriting is ever-present, barely concealed by an inventive and whirling production. A touchstone of delicate Urban Soul, this piece carries out vocal experimentations punctuated by gleaming synthesisers. A weightless ballad bearing a serene confidence similar to that of fearless climbers.

What Hidden Herd say: Timsters‘ liquid gold ‘I Need to Know‘ gorges through your speakers with the meticulous production tinkerings of AlunaGeorge, this time coupled with the tender heartsong of Julien Vingon’s ethereal vocals.

For fans of: AlunaGeorge, THOSS

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Latest track:I Need To Know