Today, our new music spotlight is on Underwater Boys.

Location: Brighton

Line-up: Tom Klar (vocals), Nick Klar (guitar/drums/vocals), Tom Sullivan (guitar/synths/vocals), Max Fletcher (bass/vocals)

About: Underwater Boys is four friends and brothers who make dreamy, fuzzy pop music in Brighton. Their sound is characterised by sweet, otherworldly melodies and woozy, ethereal soundscapes. While on the surface an Underwater Boys song might sound bright and blissed-out, their music is also bubbling with anxiety and tension, with lyrical themes of mental illness, existential dread and malaise. This dichotomy is at the heart of what Underwater Boys do. It is joyful, celebratory music about battling with the darkest parts of yourself, being vulnerable, and trying to get better.

What Hidden Herd say: With hazy blissed-out ditties in abundance, Underwater Boys are our new go-to when the billowing clouds part and the big burning ball beams on through. Cue technicolour riffs and fuzz-drenched refrains.

For fans of: Tame Impala, Pond, Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Next shows:‪
The psych-tinged fuzz-poppers will play The Great Escape Festival in Brighton:

Thursday 17th May – Brighton @ Patterns
Friday 18th May – Brighton @ Green Door Store

You can find a breakdown of all ticket types for The Great Escape 2018 listed on this page.


Latest track: ‘Apricot’