Today’s new music spotlight is on Videocean.

Location: South London

Line-up: Perry Neech (vocals/bass), Rob Wilks (drums/vocals/production), Ross Beard (guitar/vocals) and Neil Walsh (guitar/vocals)

About: At once both recalling the past and proposing the future, Videocean is an idiosyncratic hybrid that melds shoegaze and psychedelic-soul.

Born in a small back room in Peckham, this quartet is the sound of intuition; master musicians calling and responding in ways that only time and proximity can foster. This is homemade music without the indulgence – restraint and generosity of spirit rule. Having shaped their respective skill sets touring and recording with other artists, each member of the quartet is a compelling piece to the jigsaw.

Relocating post-New Year hangover to the rural Squarehead studio in Kent, the group worked on what would be their first release. It is impossible to ignore a tangible air of awakened curiosity as this group moves as an organic unit – woven vocal layers provide the essence of Videocean’s hypnotic sound. Lyrics hint at arcane truths, reinforced by smart guitar, strings and synth conversations.

What Hidden Herd say: Picture a club shot through a 70s soft focus lens: the glistening mirrorball turns, a kaleidoscope of colourful lights illuminate the dancefloor and Videocean‘s dreamy psych-soul fills the room’s four walls. The Peckham group’s recent single ‘Genes’ is their most befitting of this evocative scene so far, a groovy funk-tinged bop that proves immediately infectious and undeniably intoxicating. Hit play below.

For fans of: Tame Impala, Curtis Mayfield, Parcels

Next shows:‪
Wednesday 3 April – London @ Rye Wax
Friday 19 April – London @ Brixton Windmill


Latest track: ‘Genes’