Wave hello to Londoners White Kite, the latest group of electro pop intellectuals who have landed on a winning 80s-infused formula and look set to soar.

With introductory single ‘Swans’, the capital-based band have made one of the most impressive debut singles we’ve wrapped our ears around in quite some time – combining sleek beats, jagged guitars and kaleidoscopic synths to craft something bold and brooding in the vein of ‘Smother’-era Wild Beasts.

Frontman Louis Shadwick, who wrote and produced the track in the quartet’s flat-come-studio, explains that their inaugural offering is “about trying to choose between two different kinds of love… how the grass always seems greener when desire takes over, and how you try to justify that weakness to yourself”.

The lyrics may be focused on a dilemma, but we’re left with little doubt that White Kite are about to embark on a compelling musical journey of genre-splicing and studio experimentation. Stay tuned.