Proactive Evolution‘ comes as the second release from WHY?‘s upcoming sixth album ‘Moh Lhean’, out March 3rd. Fans of WHY?‘s previous releases will see plenty of Yoni and Josiah Wolf’s influence at play in their new material, with this latest track utilising the best of their emotive, poetic vocals juxtaposed against incredibly intricate and increasingly complex instrumentals.

The track carries a wry sincerity which reflects Wolf’s circumstances throughout the writing period. Battling a severe health scare, his emotions come across poignant and melancholy, with a bitter undertone. Featuring mewithoutYou‘s Aaron Weiss (and even some of Wolf’s doctors), ‘Proactive Evolution’ is a complex track with figurative and literal layers. Continuously hard to pin down, WHY?‘s genre-lucid style is as captivating as it always has been.