When playing You Want Fox‘s ‘Liar Liar’ to a friend the other day, they immediately asked “What’s that? The new Royal Blood single?” upon hearing the crunching opening riff.

The first release since the Nottingham duo signed for Reckless Yes before Christmas, ‘Liar Liar’ is You Want Fox turned up another notch. The sweet harmonies betray the biting lyrics and contrast the hard, distorted guitar licks. Pop sensibilities haven’t been lost on this ramped up Queens of the Stone Age-esque belter, with a simple, but effective video treatment, silhouetted against bright colourful backgrounds and various costume changes, it’s a veritable retro sweet shop. Add in there the Shampoo-like vocals, it’s an incredibly refreshing departure from the clichéd stereotype. Oozing sex appeal, but possessing bigger balls than their male counterparts.

Between the two of them they are one part Joan Jett, two parts Taylor Swift, three parts Royal Blood and a sprinkling of Lush. Where perhaps the twain would never normally meet, Natalie and Colette take chart-scraping pop and heavy rock riffs and marry them without a seam in sight.

The video is a brilliantly contradictory companion. Turn off the sound and watch the understated dancing, but flick the music back on and it still fits.