Hot on the heels of their brilliant EP ‘Before The Sleep Sets In’, YOWL are back with another rip-roaring nugget of noir-ish garage rock on new London label Big Score.

The Peckham quintet’s latest single ‘My Headache Likes To Speak’ feels like rocket fuel in your veins, marrying barbed guitars with the band’s trademark humdrum lyrics and frontman Gabriel Byrde’s guttural baritone. It evokes the dark, dank recesses of the city’s underbelly and pits them as south London’s answer to Parquet Courts.

Of the brooding new tune, the band say: ‘My Headache Likes To Speak’ refers to that anxiety that comes from the cocktail of social pressures and everything surrounding the need to socialise with people, fearing humiliation, and a desire for genuine connection.”

YOWL play Bleach as part of The Great Escape Festival in Brighton on May 19th. You can find a breakdown of all ticket types for The Great Escape 2017 listed on this page.