Just like the sacred psychotropic cactus with which they share their moniker, this latest offering from London’s Peyote will make you look on the landscape with new eyes. ‘Modern Youth’ oozes cool like no other record in recent memory; the sub-six-minutes of writhing rock ‘n’ roll bliss cruises by like a dishevelled dandy with time to bide, all Bernard Sumner lead lines and restrained feather boa-flaunting swagger à la T. Rex.

The feel good falsetto harmonies echo Marc Bolan too, by way of Bobby Gillespie and Primal Scream that is, while Joseph Little’s lackadaisical quiver recalls Devendra Banhart with just a hint of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah main main Alec Ounsworth. “Just keep on making the music that you’re made of” goes one of many quotable lyrical hooks; the sort of unshakeable earwormer that has seen them gain momentum in the rest of Europe, and that surely signals that it won’t be long before these exhuberant refrains burrow their way into our nation’s psyche too.