A project several years in the making, Brighton five-piece Phoria continue capitalizing on their momentum and interest in 2016 with new release ‘Evolve’. Since their debut EP Bloodworks, the group has proven themselves to have a masterful understanding of the alternative. This new track is no exception with clattering, organic percussion and hand claps dancing beneath brooding and bold synth lines.

Tying all components together is the breathy, melodic vocal of Trewin Howard which draws instant comparison to contemporaries such as Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Woodkid. The power within this track is the orchestration of its composition. The soul stirring crescendo builds naturally; it is never forced or devised – it just exists and within this existential quality comes the power to both connect and move. With the continued supports of institutions such as BBC6 Music and DIY Magazine, Phoria have the potential to become this decade’s version of one of their greatest influencer Sigur Rós. Although many artists are using classic, symphonic influences within their music, none execute it in such an exceptional manner.