The excitement blew out of our eyes in beams of light when we first encountered the soaring sound of new Belfast quintet Pleasure Beach.

In an open-top Cadillac at sunset is where you could imagine their inaugural tune ‘Go’ filling your ears, as you stare fixedly at the endless road beyond while the wind fusses with your tangled mane. Its electro pop the way Springsteen would have it; a rousing concoction of new wave and Americana that sounds like The War on Drugs doing Bowie‘s ‘Heroes’ with extra synths.

The comparisons will come thick and fast to the acclaimed Philly band, as well as to Arcade Fire who have courted this sentiment since seminal debut ‘Funeral’. However, it’s The Maccabees with whom the ex-Yes Cadets band share the most common ground; this is a peppy anthem set to vie for Weeks & Co’s festival circuit throne.