Ever seen 24 Hour Party People? Well, there’s a scene in it in which a post-Ian Curtis Joy Division set about their New Order reinvention, ambling through an early incarnation of ‘Blue Monday’ in a desolate Manchester warehouse. It’s here we picture when we listen to Stockholm-based Pokal‘s dreamily dejected synth sound – not just because it appears to be heavily indebted to Bernard Sumner & Co, but because the sad building itself, which looks out on a grey concrete wilderness, seems a fitting home for the haunting art-pop of ‘Fancy Lights’.

Its bittersweet in a brilliant way, of course. The 80s chorus-effect bass echoes Peter Hook, especially his fretwork on Monaco‘s ‘What Do You Want From Me?’, while the chiming ethereal guitar recalls that ever-present in Wild Nothing‘s astral jangle-pop. Through it all though, there’s the same affection for great pop music that was the lifeblood of Spandau Ballet or Duran Duran