Breathy vocal samples. Check. The funkiest feelgood melodies we can recall since Breakbot‘s ‘Baby I’m Yours’. Check. Delorean‘s sunray-inspired vibes rolled slickly into one four-minute sugar rush. Check.

Londoners PREP have nailed it; if ‘it’ for you is a slab of silky smooth electro pop that fizzes with enthusiasm as if its jetting off on its first summer getaway. Of course, this is certainly no debut outing for those involved; PREP are comprised of a classical composer, a house DJ, a hip-hop producer and a singer-songwriter whose credits include everyone from Foxes to Drake.

It’s a mash of influences that are wrapped up in a mass-pleasing package on ‘Cheapest Flight’, which at times sounds like Disclosure soundtracking erotica and at others like Wham back at the ‘Club Tropicana’ lapping up the hot sax while supping piña coladas.