Close your eyes and you can imagine the new single from London five-piece Pumarosa filling the sweat-cloaked walls of a seedy club haunt below the capital’s cobbles.

‘Cecile’ is disco noir, a seismic shift from their first offering’s heavy psych, and comes over like one of Donna Summer‘s 12-inch dance mixes given a dirty new wave makeover.

The grooving rubbery bass and Robert Smith-like guitar are both ace, but singer Isabel Munoz-Newsome is the tune’s dazzling light; her whimsical voice is heaped in mystery and sounds like that of someone dancing around an exotic phenomenal fire atop Glastonbury Tor. It’s a breathless coo that is full of lust, a curious mix of ‘Heart Of Glass’ Blondie and Kate Bush, that paves the way for a hot, Roxy Music-esque sax solo at the song’s dizzying climax.