Saltwater Sun‘s ray-soaked jams are instantly evocative. Our head vacuums in grainy images of endless beaches shot through hazy filters when we listen to their early slew of demos, and not just because of the London band’s perfectly apt moniker; their tracks are strewn with spangly licks and woozy, weather-bleached boy-girl harmonies.

First single proper ‘Habit On My Mind’ follows their imitable early framework; its the sound of the silver sea brume lifting to unveil the big burning ball in the sky. But that’s not to say this quintet only have seasonal vibes in their locker; alongside nods to pop and psych, they share the same minor penchant for prog as Brummies Peace, which adds depth. Their opening foray comes on like a math-tinged Alvvays flaunting a superabundance of ear-worming hooks; its jewel in the crown being Jennifer Stearnes’ lilting vocal, which harks back to Debbie Harry at her ‘Heart of Glass’-sassiest and delivers one of the most magnetic refrains we’ve heard all year.