We’re not shocked to discover that dream-pop trio Saskatchewan are actually from Orlando; their latest concoction seeks to soundtrack the sprawled youth on a nearby palm-fringed front. The Floridian trio could be the summer-born love child of The War on Drugs and Pure Bathing Culture on their recently-dropped single ‘Delusive’, which sounds like it wants to float in the breeze as Cocoa Beach’s hordes hunker down for a soak in the shallow blue.

Lead singer Chandler Strang bridges the gap between Arcade Fire‘s Win Butler and New Order‘s Bernard Sumner on this one, his breathy baritone steadily seeping out amid the record’s hazy guitars and woozy, kaleidoscopic production. But it’s the overall lackadaisical feel that woos rather than any of the individual parts, something which represents a vivid and wondrous departure for the band.