Life can be a struggle, a string of events that seem to thwart progress and knot desires. It’s out of this everyday frustration that the sky-reaching new tune from Strong Asian Mothers is born, a scintillating retort dressed up as an all out, big band-inspired electro pop banger that puts its dukes up to the daily grind both musically and lyrically.

Inside headphones, the track blooms with light; it’s a glorious technicolour fusion of hip-hop, R&B and earworming indie pop that strives for Yeasayer eclecticism, Glass Animals hooks and MGMT (circa ‘Oracular Spectacular’) credibility. It succeeds. We imagine it bursting from looming mountains of speakers in burning fields as a sea of sun-strained eyes look on. 

With the refrain still ricocheting around our skull hours after its first play, we’re now more than a teensy bit psyched about the Lynx Africa EP from which it is taken. Perhaps, by the end of the year, all memories of that scent’s chokehold on the dank school changing rooms of youth will be wiped and its title will instead remind us of the London trio’s vivid music.