Swept up in Blue Monday week’s fictitious dread? Well, here’s the much-needed antidote. Sun Club‘s invincible debut album ‘The Dongo Durango’ dropped at the end of last year and is the dizzying soundtrack of untamed youth – a surge of primal noise pop that fizzes with euphoric joy.

The record’s highlight is ‘Beauty Meat’, on which the Baltimore quintet sound like Los Campesinos! covering something off The Stooges‘ ‘Raw Power’ in the belly of a cave. It’s a wild concoction indeed and in between twinkling licks and gang holler choruses, singer Mikey Powers’ unrefined rasp reinforces their refreshingly giddy ethos.

Every sugary hook is juxtaposed by a moment of bite, in the vein of Cymbals Eat Guitars and Surfer Blood, which makes for a winning combo – one that makes us want to rip off our shirt in the street and party despite London’s sub-zero temperatures.