The start of ‘Brooklyn, Almost’ by downtempo indietronica duo Tamper is vaguely reminiscent of The Equals‘ tune ‘Funky Like A Train’. However, the looping chug of the subway on their track is overshadowed by a silky smooth blues lick, which sounds like it’s been conjured by the weathered hands of an underground busker. Then there’s the drums – an evocative ride cymbal shuffle, which prompts vivid flashes of Miles Teller‘s bloodied hands in 2014 film ‘Whiplash‘ to ricochet around our cranium. It’s an eclectic mix, one that startlingly morphs into an Alt-J / Glass Animals hybrid as soon as the block piano chords and slow-grooving beat rear their head.

We’re instantly hooked, of course, and the Australian / Irish pair prove to be consistently proficient elsewhere on their eponymous June-dropped EP. Based in the New York borough they reference here (Aaron Barnard and John Gribbin met at a coffee shop in neighbouring Manhattan), the twosome are writing and producing Chet Faker-like electro nuggets from their Bedford-Stuyvesant studio and have some serious momentum right now. We’ll being staying tuned and you should too.