Until this morning, we were oblivious to the existence of four-strong Manchester via Blackpool band The Colours and now we’re totally hooked. A long and fruitless new music trawl preceded the discovery of their dazzling ‘Church House’ – with the band’s part-bullish-part-beautiful post-rock making them stand out like a cherry-red sore thumb.

The Colours‘ sound is a giddy concoction and the reference points are infinitely impressive; a ringy Foals-like lick does its thing over scuffling drums à la Stevie Wonder‘s ‘Superstition’, before an adolescent growl that recalls former WU LYF man Ellery Roberts barks out the kind of hooks that made LCD Soundsystem indie disco darlings. With an EP of the same name due imminently, it’s fair to say we’re more than a little bit excited at Hidden Herd HQ.