The Dip could easily be mistaken for a bygone pioneer of 50’s and 60’s soul, having crafted such an established and well-structured sound. That being said, the music industry works in cycles; it’s apparent that a soul revival is on our hands.

Plucking members from both the Beat Connection and Tom Eddy Band, the 9 piece have evolved over a period of three years to create a winning formula. Tom Eddy’s incredibly emotional vocals and expressive guitar are expertly complemented by the exuberant horns ensemble (The Honeynut Horns), giving this track a polished, deserved vibrance that you could imagine being played out of every crackly radio speaker across the world by the 50’s beat generation. Fans of the recently featured Samm Henshaw should definitely pay attention here.

With an album due out in Spring, The Dip are sure to make an impact.