Following suit with the current Scandinavian pop invasion, Finnish songstress Ringa Manner returns as her musical alter ego The Hearing with exceptional new single ‘Backwards’. The follow-up to the remarkable debut ‘Dorian’, this track is awash of dramatic horns, synth and equally theatrical narratives. Her light and aerial vocal fits somewhere between the tragedy of Lykke Li and the inspiriting Rae Morris. The way in which she is able to manipulate her own voice to juxtapose itself is incredibly impressive and demonstrates the clear control she has over the most integral instrument to The Hearing’s operation.

Its structure is unpredictable and fiercely optimistic in similar formula to its predecessors ‘Sun Is Gone’ and ‘Every Day’. Following in the footsteps of pop majesty such as Oh Land and Say Lou Lou, Ringa has taken one of the boldest first moves of 2016 with this genre fluid track.

The sophomore album is released next month and will feature ‘Backwards’.