Alt-folk band Thickets are an enchanting gang of three. They hail from The Old Smoke, but their curious melodies and off-kilter acoustic arrangements feel instead like they were conjured amongst the snaky trees in a haunted woodland somewhere. There’s a spiritual underbelly too, which echoes the pagan pop of Stealing Sheep‘s first record. In fact, as with that Liverpudlian trio, if you put their self-titled debut EP onto a warped cassette it would sound like something off the ‘The Wicker Man’‘s 1973 soundtrack.

Our favourite, opener ‘Lullaby’, rather reminds us of the RĂ©gine Chassagne-led songs on Arcade Fire‘s momentous inaugural LP ‘Funeral’. Singer Rebecca Lavery’s Kate Bush-like coo takes us on a graceful trip; one of slow-building whimsy, hypnotic autoharp and billowy cello that vaguely recalls ‘Your Ex Lover is Dead’ by Stars. Roll on more dark tales of murder, regret and revenge, we say.