Tobias In Flight‘s eerily meditative melodies put us in an instant state of ease. The Bournemouth singer-songwriter’s hauntingly soulful vocals on ‘You’ll Have it All’ project peacefulness and an oozing tranquillity rings through its entirety to create a comfortable, therapeutic ambiance.

After touring the UK and Europe with psych-tinged acoustic troupe Saturday Sun, Tobias Fitton decided to strike out solo and let his songwriting prowess take centre stage with a first solo album. The altogether impact of his impeccably arranged words and guitar-work is powerful and despite occupying cavernous rooms live, Tobias’s lone, quiet presence is captivating and unmissable.

With influences such as Bon Iver and Nick Drake and an impressive range that complements those styles, all signs suggest that Tobias’s mellow magnetism will loom large in 2016.