Ahead of the anticipated release of their debut album ‘VVII’ next month (12/08), Irish synth pop duo All Tvvins have released a preceding single ‘These 4 Words’. Conor Adams and Lar Kaye are currently part-way through a short sold-out UK tour, finishing with what is assured to be a triumphant homecoming appearance at Longitude festival this weekend.

After the release of driving, soaring synth gems such as ‘Thank You’ and ‘Darkest Ocean’ in 2015 (and the solid mini EP ‘Unbelievable’ released earlier this year), the band have strongly alluded to the sound and style of their debut. ‘These 4 Words’ cements these perceptions further, a sparkling, glitchy Foals-like guitar introduction give way to Adams’ vocal that expertly balances accessibility with an arrogant swagger. It is another punchy, immediate chorus that completely fills a vast amount of space within a rather modest amount of time. This is a stellar piece of indie/pop that looks set to contend with the immaculate debuts of Shura and Låpsley for the best pop record of 2016.