Dark, brooding, building; you could imagine the first taster of VIMES‘ February-due debut album ‘Nights In Limbo’ seeping out of an ultra-hip nightclub in the urban dark.

The DE synth-wave duo, who hail from Cologne, have been lurking in the shadows for a few years now, but newie ‘Kyra’ is their most striking release yet.

The track recalls the progressive and dreamy alt dance of Dayve Hawk (AKA Memory Tapes) and frontman Azhar Syed’s barely-there coo once again echoes that of Hot Chip‘s Alexis Taylor, albeit with a new assertiveness as the track climbs to its giddy climax.

Easily the best thing we’ve received on Twitter this past week, ‘Kyra’ suggests that the first full-length from VIMES could well be a 2016 high point.