Bad news. It’s everywhere right now. So with the world shrouded in a black cloud, a refrain like “Why can’t we just love each other?” seems poignantly timely.

Yalta Club juxtapose this positive sentiment with the kind of carnival-inspired electro pop that’s been sorely missed since James Murphy hung up his synths and disbanded LCD Soundsystem in 2011. In fact, on this recent free download the Parisians are almost wholly indebted to danceable NYC indie of the late naughts, with their frontman echoing both Yeasayer‘s Chris Keating and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah‘s Alec Ounsworth over a giddy, The Rapture-like backdrop.

Written in response to January’s Charlie Hebdo tragedy, ‘LOVE’ is in the band’s own words a “spontaneous and naive song, torn between the urge to cry and the need to party”. Amidst the turmoil after terror struck again this November, they decided to pop it online and we’re thankful they decided to do so. Because as we chug through grey suburbia, another slew of ominous forewarnings in our morning rag, it feels like audio sanctuary; an oasis of hope.